Flirt Des Cirque

Enter the captivating world of Flirt des Cirque.An extraordinary evening of glamorous entertainment a mixture of circus and Burlesque. Including lead Vocalist MC and Specialty Artists.

Lead MC and vocalist… Hayes Loau

Specialty Artists

Ally… Specialty Contorinist

Acrobatic n Dance Duo… Amanda n Aiden
The Magic of Fire РDuo Duende  Click to see the video
(fire act and acrobatics where permitted)

Ellicia and Mitch…..Specialty Dance n Latin Duo
(world title holders)

Sarah Louis… Specialty Circus Artistry

Specialty Martini Glass Act

Hula Hoop Artist… Mel Monroe

Ben Palumbo… A man and his towel Act. Burlesque goes to the Opera and other slightly bizzare acts !!!

Lyra and Aerial Silk Artists… where permitted.

Pole solos and duo… Specialty Circus Artistry

Glamorous Flirt Showgirls

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