French Ohhh La Laaa


Mixture of Live and Recorded Music

A divine show walking thru the streets of Paris. Café style French Parisian Music and atmosphere then into the elegance of The Lido and then Midnight in Paris to the raucous kicking of The Moulin Rouge.

With the sounds and spectacular production with delightful Music from France.

Our Show Packages contain various french influences and themes.

Our French Vocalists Ben Palumbo and his piano cccordian adds the true flavour of France.

Femme Fatale French Flavoured Vocalist.

Adding our beautiful French Parisian Ohh La Laaa Danseurs, Spectacular Costumes, dripping diamonds and feathers !!!

Exciting acrobatic duo Aiden n Amanda adding true excitement to the CAN CAN !!!

Adding a line up of our Specialty Artists.
Adadgio Duo
Feature Fan Artist
French Pole Artists
French Aerial Artists if permitted.
And lots more to suit your show package!!!

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