The Birdcage on York


“Performing at The Birdcage always feels like performing with family, and WB Productions and Club York are such wonderful companies to work for,” says
Natalya Alessi. “I love performing intimate shows as it gives you an opportunity to connect with the audience in a way you don’t usually get to in a large theatre.

The energy is palpable and you can see the smiles on people’s faces. It’s an exchange of energy that’s a lot easier to create with 150 audience members than in a thousand seat theatre.” Unlike traditional theatre with its strict etiquette, burlesque encourages audience participation.

“We like you to cheer and applaud if you’re enjoying what you see. It encourages the performer, and the more you give, the more we do. It’s more fun for everyone,” says Alessi, who loves the adrenalin rush. “The high you are on after a show is unlike anything else. You’ve just brought joy to a room full of strangers.”

Anyone can enjoy a burlesque show as long as they are over 18 (some acts can be a little risqué.) For many, the stunningly visual, slightly raunchy, often comical, and sometimes unbelievable elements of burlesque are a perfect indulgence to take them away from the real world temporarily.

“Coming out of COVID people are desperate for live entertainment, something fun, light and somewhere they can feel joy again. These style shows offer that. They are accessible, affordable and still showcase Australia’s professional performers who would otherwise be touring internationally.”