The Gatsby Experience

An exciting 1920’s theme with a touch of burlesque.

WB Productions presents a spectacular musical tribute to the elegance of the 20’s with dripping diamonds, flouncing feathers, and romantic moods to swinging tassels, the moody jazz scene to capturing those hazy nights of the bootlegging gangsters. Our musical themes range from “Boardwalk Empire”, “Victor Victoria”, “Dick Tracy”, “Chicago” and “The Great Gatsby”. A divine stage show by adding theatrical pieces with a taste of the grandeur of ”The Gatsby” and so much more.

The high energy of the famous party times of the roaring 20’s. Adding the Charleston, Tappers Flappers n all that jazzzzzzz.

The Gatsby Experience, has a mixture of singers, adding the themed mellow jazz style songs, to the high energy of the 20’s. Fast moving tap dancers, charismatic and dazzling !!!!

With our divine costumes we present an extravagance and memorable master piece of flounce and feathers to the Divine Art Deco era of THE GATSBY EXPERIENCE.

Our “Rag a Muffin” pole duo, incredible charlston vertical pole dancing !!! Our glamorous GG Showgirls, flappers and high kicking dancers certainly add those excitable elated moments.

Our specialty vocalist Robyn Loau, playing the incredible, famous and risqué artist of the 20’s Josephine Baker… ohhh la laaaaaaa.

Specialty theme site acts for our 20’s theme add that extra touch to our spectacular format. Our hilarious MC Maggie Scott brings our show together for a amazing journey. Her talents overflow with comedy, piano and vocals. This production has a blend of old and new and a WB Productions taste of ohh lalaaaa to the gatsby era.

“The Gatsby Experience”……Tappers, Flappers n all that Jazz will take you there.